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Pool Covers

Pool covers are a simple, but important part of your pool. They are sometimes an afterthought and can tend to be overlooked, but having one can benefit you and your pool in many ways. They can save money and time and also keep people safe. They reduce evaporation and help conserve water, saving 30%-50% of refill water and making your water bill much more appealing. You can save money on chemicals because they reduce the amount needed by 35%-60%. If your pool is heated, it will keep your heating bill down by holding in your pool’s heat. Also, you’ll spend less time cleaning because they keep out dirt and other debris.

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Pool Draining

Draining your pool is serious business. Not only is it an involved process, but it can also save you from bigger issues and expenses later on. Draining and replacing your pool water should be done every 5 to 7 years. If the water in your pool gets too old or if you’ve failed to maintain it properly, the result can be damage to your pool. Mineral deposits from hard water, caused by lack of cleaning and/or draining, will damage pool tile and grout. By simply maintaining and draining your pool you can save yourself money and headaches.

Tile Repair

Tiles may be small, but if they’re damaged and not repaired, they can create huge problems. Repairing your pool tiles can keep your pool pretty, swimmers safe and save you money in the long run. Failing to address cracked or missing tiles in your pool can allow water to seep into the structure of your pool. This can cause the concrete and structural metal of your pool to deteriorate. In addition, exposed grout caused by broken pool tiles can allow minerals to get into the water. This can build up quickly and make your pool harder to clean. Broken or chipped tiles can also cause injuries. Also, ignoring damaged tiles can mean ignoring the warning signs of bigger issues. If your pool tiles are buckling, it could be an indication that the concrete underneath might be cracked. This can become a costly issue to fix.



Pool Cleaning

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The simple act of cleaning your pool on a regular basis can save you from numerous problems and costs. Some of these issues are small, but some can be quite large. If large amounts of debris collect, they can not only make for an unpleasant swimming experience, they can clog or damage your pool’s filter. When you don’t regularly clean your pool, you can allow the build-up of mineral deposits, created by hard water, which will damage pool tile and grout. The combination of dead skin, oil, hair and chemical build up from lack of cleaning may force you to completely drain your pool before its usual 5-7 year cycle.

Chemical Balancing

Keeping the chemicals in your pool balanced may seem like a fine science. That’s because it is. Maintaining the balance of your pool’s chemicals ensures that the water is clean, comfortable, and safe and won’t cause corrosion. Lack of properly balanced pool water can result in chlorine sanitizer not fully killing germs and bacteria. The build-up of these can make a clean pool a dirty and unsanitary one very quickly. If the pH level of your pool is too high or too low, they can affect your skin and eyes. If the chemicals are imbalanced, they can also cause the corrosion of minor aspects of your pool such as ladders and hand railing or larger aspects like the pool liner and pump.

Winterize Plumbing

When winter comes, and it’s time close your pool, one of the most important things you can do is winterize the plumbing for your pool. If you don’t, ice can potentially cause damage to your piping. Also, exploding pipes can damage your pool’s pump and filters. Broken pipes during the winter can make for a lot less swimming and fun and a lot more cost the following summer.

Winterize Pool Equipment

Winterizing your pool equipment is easy to forget, but crucial to the quality of your pool. Winterizing your pump, filters and skimmer will reduce pool damage and busted equipment, keeping your pool swim-ready for the dogs days of summer. Failing to do so can make prepping your pool for the summer expensive and time-consuming.