sprinkler head watering lawn

Coffey Complete works with residential, commercial, sport complexes, and local and state governments. As the green movement continues to grow, LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design, ) certification on new site design, or when upgrading existing facilities' proper irrigation design, will help in achieving points for your certification. Coffey Complete can help you with that.

Within Coffey Complete, using highly efficient equipment and designs allow users to maintain a healthy lawn without using large amounts of water. We use smart controllers, sensors, drip lines in flowers beds, low water spray heads, and rotors. We work with the Irrigation Association ( ) and the Environmental Protection Agency’s Water Sense Program ( to provide superior water conservation. Watering lawns has become a true science in the 21st century.

Coffey Complete uses a multi-step approach to determine your irrigation needs, utilizing site surveys, cost requirements, permit issues, and turf requirements. A water conscience, cost-saving, easy to use system, can be yours. Entrust your irrigation needs to Coffey Complete today- call us today at 405-844-6697!