fertilization & weed control


fertilization & weed control

Coffey Complete maintains several varieties of turf grasses, like Bermuda, Bermuda hybrids, Zoysia, and tall type Fescue. Each type has different requirements of weed control and fertilization. Before, we begin a chemical application; it is highly recommended that a soil analysis be performed to determine a course of action for that property.

Coffey Complete will customize a chemical program specifically for your property. Coffey Complete maintains several properties that contain both warm season and cool season grasses. Each must be maintained as separate areas. By maintaining your turf areas, you increase the value and enjoyment of your property. Call us today at 405-844-6697 for a free quote!

bermuda grass


Warm season grasses include Bermuda, Bermuda hybrids, and Zoysia. At Coffey Complete, we follow a schedule of seven applications yearly. We apply our Weed Control Application starting in January, again sixty days later, and then the final application starts in October. Fertilizing starts in April, continues throughout June and July, and finally ends in September.

fescue grass


For tall type Fescue, as it is a shade, cool season grass, the program follows an opposite path from Bermuda. We apply two Weed Control applications and four Fertilizing applications. Beginning in September, we start with the first weed control application. The final weed control application is applied in February. Fertilizing begins in October, and then continues in December, February, and finally in April.


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